About ICMC

An international collaborative of clinicians and academics

What is the International Cancer Microbiome Consortium?

ICMC was founded in 2017 was a group of academics and scientists at Imperial College London, UK. We recognised that, although microbiome science was gaining traction and prominence at international meetings, specific discussion of the interaction between the microbiome and cancer was at a relatively low level. We felt that the paradigm of cancer and the microbiome was so broad, stretching from pathophysiology, through biomarkers, to treatment that it deserved it's own meeting. We created ICMC to promote microbiome research within the field of oncology, establish expert consensus and deliver education for academics and clinicians.

The ICMC organising committee take responsibility for arranging Congresses, setting the agenda for expert consensus and coordinating output. We are:

Professor Julian Marchesi

Dr James Kinross

Dr Claire Merrifield

Dr James Alexander

Dr Alasdair Scott